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An industry leader in commodities trading in Ahmedabad who previously used our free version Winbull Lite. They had plans to deal once more with gold and silver bullions. But after a while, they felt the need to use technology to offer their customers and bullion dealers a more sophisticated level of service and so we developed the Winbull Trade version.

The customer will call for a booking after verifying the rates on the web or in mobile apps. In this case, the dealer must continue monitoring the rates on the web or in mobile apps until they receive a quote for their desired rates to buy or sell. However, given the high volatility in this situation, they risk missing the quotes.

Logimax offered the client a solution using the trade version of their WinBull platform, the WinBull Trade to aid in publishing their bullion rates live online on the web and on mobile devices so that their customers can view and place orders online.

Additionally, WinBull Trade gave its bullion dealers the option of maintaining margins based on their trading relationship, and traders and dealers for our customers were able to mark up the limit orders for the purchase or sale of gold or silver.

When the marked prices cross, the system automatically generates the order and notifies our clients' trade desk and the dealer via notification that the limit order has been executed. Notification methods include SMS, email, and push notifications for mobile apps. Additionally, the Performa invoice was generated and sent along with the value and date information to the dealer.

We added the capability for the client to publish exclusive deals, alerts, and significant announcements to users of their mobile apps and website through an admin control panel.

Our solution led to an increase in orders and business productivity. Escalated client satisfaction.

Their website has seen a sharp increase in the number of new visitors from around the world, making it possible to do business with new customers.

In the highly competitive business environment, our solution has generated brand value to our customer’s businesses.