Jewellery retail with E-Commerce

MarkMost of the jewellery Retail business moving towards E-commerce because studies found that the worldwide jewellery retail E-commerce sales will reach a new high by upcoming years, But jewellery Retail Business owners find difficulty using existing softwares because of outdated technologies, limitation in existing software and complex in enhancing to mobile apps. So we LOGIMAX came up with the solution, we introduced WIN E-tail an AI and secure cloud based jewellery retail store inventory system to support your jewellery retail business, it’s fusion of jewellery E-commerce and jewellery inventory management system which will help you to manage all your Jewellery retail business in your fingertips.

Cloud-based web technology:-

MarkWe provide you with the most secure cloud environment for your flexibility of work practices and Access to automatic updates anywhere on the go. You can manage your different branches in a single mobile app and it will be a reliable service to grow your jewellery retail business.

Live Cockpit:-

MarkLive Cockpit provides you the most critical information on live information basis so you can make an instant decision for your jewellery business needs and you can also customize the dashboard according to your business needs. It updates the data in the dashboard frequently so you can easily access and get notified about trending jewellery in sales, jewellery item movements, vendor details, jewellery customers, jewellery stocks, jewellery inventory position and many more.

Mobile App-based CRM:-

MarkDon’t miss your customers with Logimax’s jewellery CRM solution, we ensure you to provide the best customer satisfaction with our app. Our jewellery CRM mobile app helps you to manage your Jewellery Purchase Plan with integrated payment gateway. With this, you can keep your customers engaged and also you can efficiently manage the loyalty program, with our app you can notify the customers about the daily Gold and silver rates, new Jewellery arrivals, offers via live notification, SMS, E-mail, WhatsApp. And also we added video shopping scheduler, doorstep collection module, and a Customer feedback module.

Smart Estimation:-

MarkWe made a unique mobile estimation system which will help your salesperson to close the sales very faster. It’s integrated with jewellery digital catalogue and jewellery order management so we assure you that this will help you to increase your sales.

Single inventory E-Commerce store model:-

MarkWith our secure cloud-based unique jewellery inventory system integrated with E-commerce mobile app you can manage your same livestock for both your Jewellery E-Commerce and also you Jewellery store, it will update about the stocks based on sales happening in either your E-commerce or jewellery store.

Intelligent order management with mobile app catalogues:-

MarkAn AI-based order management solution that automates its work based on the vendor evolution, with the help of stock order data, customer order and Re-order data it automates the reorder process so the order processing makes easy. Customers can track their order throw our jewellery order CRM mobile app and it makes the jewellery order process very easy.

Global Integration System:-

MarkWith our global integration middleware you can easily Integrate your jewellery retail with any standard software account system available in the market like tally / Zoho books / Dynamics and other 3 rd party software’s and hardware’s, also you can integrate it with RFID and jewellery weight scale.

Management Information module:-

MarkWe designed a powerful management an information system which will enable you to take the right decision on the right time with help of our timely basis live information you can have all this information’s in your fingertips.