Winbull Lite – Case Study

» A leading commodities trader in South India who is premier supplier of bullion across the 4 major states of South India.

» They trade Gold and Silver bars depending on the market demand and rate volatility.

» They fix the price in accordance with the rate fixed by international gold market, domestic organizations like Multi Commodity Exchange and Banks and their margin included. The rates are frequently fluctuated for each second in market

» To be objective, business oriented there by earn trust and respect from all our customers, vendors, employees

» This was client mostly trade to their clients in bullion by taking their booking orders through phones and they spent a lot in jsut having an exclusive trading desk with dedicated phone lines.

» Over a period of time this became cumbersome and highly resource intensve and became a huge during volatile periods of market to keep the constant ringing of the phone lines.

» This started showing in decreasing business and client was looking for an optimum solution and there by still have the business continuity and ways to improve productivity in trade.

» Logimax did an assessment study of the current situation and offered the client solution a basic version of their WinBull platform the WinBull Lite as a solution of publishing their bullion rates live online on the web and on mobile phones so their customers can view it and can take decision to book their orders.

» WinBull Lite also provided the ability to customize the rates from Ounces to 10 grams and 1 Kilogram based on the live rates, their margin, taxes, excise duty etc and still be able to provide live rates without a lag in time.

» We added the ability for the client to publish special offers, notifications and important announcements to their website viewers and mobile apps through admin control panel.

» The solution though decreased the amount of phone calls, but the income phone calls now were more for booking the orders rather than rate queries. Productivity in Business increase triple fold.

» New visitor’s inflow of their website drastically increased across the world which makes possible to trade with new clients.

» Our solution brands customer business in the competitive business scenario.