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Logimax was approached by a leading commodities trader in South India and a premier supplier of bullion in South India. Based on market demand and fluctuating interest rate volatility, they trade gold and silver bars. They determine the price in accordance with their inner margin, and the rate set by domestic organisations like the Multi Commodity Exchange, banks, and the global gold market. For every second in the market, rates change frequently.

The client was trading in bullion by taking orders booked through phone calls. For this, they had an exclusive trading desk with dedicated phone lines. Over time, this became laborious and resource-intensive and there was a huge dip in business during the volatile periods in the market and a decrease in productivity.

After conducting an assessment of the situation, Logimax presented the client with WinBull Lite, a stripped-down version of their WinBull platform, as a solution to publishing their bullion rates live online on the web and mobile devices so that their customers can view it and decide to place their orders.

WinBull Lite also offered the option of customizing the rates from Ounces to 10 grams and 1 kilogram based on the live rates, their margin, taxes, excise duty, etc. while still being able to provide live rates without a delay.

Through the admin control panel, we added the client's ability to publish special offers, notifications, and important announcements to users of their website and mobile apps.

Although the solution reduced the number of calls, the income calls were more for order booking than rate inquiries. Business productivity increased by three times.

The number of visitors to their website has dramatically increased, making it possible to do business globally with new customers.

In the highly competitive business environment, our solution has granted brand positioning for our customer’s businesses.