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Established in 2000 and formerly known as Vikash Infosolutions, Logimax Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software product development company based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. We specialize in providing cutting-edge software solutions for the Jewellery (Bullion, Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Jewellery E-Commerce, Secure Storage) and Logistics verticals.

Since our inception, we have excelled in delivering innovative products, services, and solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Jewellery and logistics industries. Our strong presence among bullion traders and brokers of all scales, as well as Jewellery retailers, nominated agencies, and banks active in commodity and bullion exchanges worldwide, including ABX, APMEX, CBOT, and more, has earned us a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Our flagship product line, WinBull, is recognized as the industry's preferred bullion trading platform, trusted by leading businesses globally. Leveraging our expertise in bullion trading platforms, we are expanding our horizons to include Forex trading and other commodity platforms, aiming to extend our services and offerings to the global market.

Partner with Logimax Technologies and experience the pinnacle of software solutions tailored to the unique needs of the precious metals and commodities industries.


At Logimax, we prioritize fostering healthy and transparent relationships with both our employees and clients. Our commitment to excellence begins with creating an exceptional internal environment, fostering teamwork, and promoting close interaction. We believe in leveraging these relationships to enhance business productivity and growth. Our core values drive us towards leadership in our chosen vertical markets, ensuring client satisfaction through cost-effective solutions and innovative ideas. We are dedicated to maintaining and upgrading the quality of our work while inspiring our employees to prioritize client satisfaction above all else. Trustworthiness, fairness, and continuous improvement are at the heart of everything we do.


To become a globally respected multinational company, that provides the world’s best business solutions, and high-end technology, delivered by level-headed people.

Core Values

We value our customers and strive steadfastly to build trust through highest-quality and integrity to ensure long-term alliances. We are driven by customer centricity, utmost transparency, and business ethics with focus on providing delightful functional experiences to our customers by being flexible in satisfying their interests so that they can leverage unique and differentiated benefits.

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