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As more jewellery retail businesses move towards e-commerce, studies show that worldwide jewellery retail e-commerce sales will reach new highs in the coming years. However, many business owners face challenges with outdated technologies, software limitations, and complex mobile app enhancements. Logimax introduces WIN E-tail, an AI-powered, secure, cloud-based jewellery retail store inventory system designed to support your business. This fusion of jewellery e-commerce and inventory management systems allows you to manage all aspects of your retail business at your fingertips.

Key Benefits of WIN E-tail

  • Faster Buying Process: Streamline the purchasing experience for your customers.
  • Cost Reduction: Lower operational costs with efficient digital processes.
  • Store & Product Listing Creation: Easily create and manage product listings.
  • Product & Price Comparison: Enable customers to compare products and prices effortlessly.
  • No Reach Limitations: Expand your market reach without geographical constraints.
  • Several Payment Modes: Offer multiple payment options for customer convenience.
  • Flexibility for Customers: Provide a flexible shopping experience across devices.
  • Affordable Advertising and Marketing: Utilize cost-effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Faster Response to Buyer/Market Demands: Quickly adapt to market trends and customer needs.

Cloud-Based Web Technology

Logimax provides the most secure cloud environment, ensuring flexibility in work practices and access to automatic updates anywhere on the go. Manage different branches with a single mobile app, offering a reliable service to grow your jewellery retail business.

Live Cockpit

The Live Cockpit feature provides critical information in real-time, enabling instant decision-making for your jewellery business needs. Customize the dashboard to suit your business requirements, with frequent updates on:

  • Trending jewellery sales
  • Jewellery item movements
  • Vendor details
  • Customer information
  • Stock levels
  • Inventory positions