Win Safe

Winsafe is secure vault management software designed specifically for helping the Financial Institutions in managing and tracking the use of their secure vaults.

The application helps in managing the customers, usage of secure vaults. A part from this access authentication. Using stored user’s information, the system authenticates the user to access the locker by integrated bio metric device (finger print / Eye retina ).

With notifications sent out when the secure vault is accessed by someone with information of date and time and duration of access.

Features :-

ArrowBadging Systems – For identification verification, includes photo and various combinations of graphics, bar codes, text, and user-defined fields.

ArrowBiometrics – Fingerprint, facial and palm recognition, iris, and retinal scans.

ArrowMonitor the usage of Secure Vault availability and expiration.

ArrowBilling the monthly or yearly subscription for usage of the Secure vault.

ArrowSecured locker access through integrated biometric device.

ArrowComprehensive SMS and email notification/alerts system to selected groups and individuals.

ArrowReduction in paperwork and Administrative work.