Win Trans

Web based transport agent office booking system.

Our clients are the leading transport booking agents in South India operating multiple branches across the country.

They arrange heavy vehicles like lorries, trailers, dump trucks and tankers for transporting metal, gas, oil, vehicles, edibles and timber etc from one location to another location across the country.

Transporters are in touch with manufactures/dealers/vendors and thousands of vehicle owners over the country.

Transporters receive queries from manufacturers/dealers/vendor to transport the load for some particular destination and then transporters find the available vehicle operator on that route and negotiate with them for charges.

If the vehicle owner comply the charges for that load they transport the load to destination.

Business Challenge

Our clients operate many branches over the country, earlier they used large size ledger notes to maintain the data.

They have some thousands of vehicle owner and trip supplier contacts information and they arrange many trips to transport the cargo to the destination.

In business practice it is very difficult to track the records of trips like vehicle no, cargo type, origin, destination, weight, charges, advance and amount transactions. Once cargo reached the destination an acknowledgement is raised by cargo receiver, on business growth it is a complex task for a transport booking agent to maintain acknowledgement information.

On trip charges fixation the agent has to consider loading charges, commission, waiting charges, other expenses etc, it is difficult to calculate charges for each trip. For agents those who are having multiple branches, it is undoubtedly tedious process maintain the data and to track the record which consumes resources and time.

Those days transporter agent has to inform every vehicle operator who operates vehicles on that route for a particular trip it takes much time to fix a trip and need to call many operator.

Our Solution

Our team found a solution to simplify their business practice and named as Wintran.

It is 100 % web based booking system and facilitates to handling of multiple branch data.

Single window booking entry screen enables the user to store double end information and acknowledgement entry helps to store cargo receipt confirmation.

Wintran calculates trip charges with applicable charges according to type of booking and this system helps to handle various type of hire fixation, commission deduction.

The report module generates various kinds of reports to let the user to track the required information of any branch at his desk with very little time. Centralized booking system allows making entries from any branch and the data managed by the system with unique auto generated code for each branch data.

Accounts module helps to manage transactions of entire firm and it facilitates different modes of payments and receipts. Report module used to generate number of reports in various forms which makes easy to track records and arrives gross profit of the firm. Integrated SMS module allows the user to send bulk sms to inform about the available trip for vehicle operators on that particular route.

Webpage integrated solution let the user to publish the available trips with hire details, this feature let the vehicle owner to know the available trips easily without communicating transport agent office.


Web based solution centralizes the data and help the agent to audit the transaction from anywhere unlike manual ledger notes, this makes business secure.

Since, a single system organizes the whole transaction of the firm reduce resources and enables timely and accurate reports. Reduce resources.

Accounts module and its reports used to maintain transactions easily which makes hassle free business.

SMS module and integrated website helps to let the vehicle owners to know the available trips which reduce the calls, it is cost effective and this solution assures 20 % of business growth within two months.